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Welcome to the Noise Awareness ProTrainings Video Course

Welcome to this online Noise Awareness course offered by ProTrainings. This course is designed to enhance your understanding through engaging video content, interactive knowledge reviews, and a comprehensive final test.

Course Structure

Video Lessons: Watch a series of informative videos at your own pace.

Knowledge Review: Answer review questions throughout to reinforce your learning.

Final Test: Complete the course by passing a short test to solidify your knowledge.

Flexible Learning

You can start and stop the course as needed and resume exactly where you left off. Feel free to revisit any section or video at any time, even after completion of the course. The course is compatible with all devices, enabling you to begin on a computer and continue on your smartphone or tablet.

Interactive Features

Video Pinning: Click the corner of any video to pin it to the top of your screen, allowing you to read the accompanying text while watching the video.

Subtitles: Enhance your learning with subtitles by clicking the CC icon.

Additional Support: If you answer any questions incorrectly, additional help is provided to ensure your understanding.

Certification and Resources

Upon passing the test, you will receive a completion certificate, a CPD certified statement, and an evidence-based learning statement, all of which are printable. Validate your certificate by scanning the QR code provided.

Continued Access and Support

Access the course for 8 months from your start date, with the ability to review all materials even after passing the test. We regularly update our courses with new material, so check back frequently for the latest content.

Corporate Solutions and Support

ProTrainings offers free company dashboards for managing staff training. For more information on our corporate solutions, please contact us via email, phone, or our online chat service. Although this is an online course, we provide complete support throughout your training journey.

Weekly Updates

Receive weekly emails every Monday to keep your skills sharp and informed about new videos and updates. These communications also include news from our blog. You have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.


We hope you enjoy your course and thank you for choosing ProTrainings. Good luck!