Hearing protection

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Hearing Protection in the Workplace

Learn about the various types of hearing protection suitable for noisy work environments and how to use them effectively.

Types of Hearing Protection

Explore the range of hearing protection devices available for different workplace scenarios.

Overhead Headphone Sets

  • Adjustable and cover the entire ear for maximum protection.
  • Can be integrated into hard hats for convenience.
  • Effective at reducing high-level noise while allowing speech.


  • Compact and disposable foam plugs for ear canals.
  • Expand to fit, offering a custom and comfortable seal.
  • Should be discarded after use for hygiene reasons.

Hybrid Ear Protection

  • Combines foam pads with a spring-loaded bar for secure fit.
  • Easy to remove and reapply as needed.
  • Ideal for intermittent high-noise exposure.

Best Practices for Hearing Protection

Effective hearing protection is essential in preserving long-term ear health in noisy environments.

Consistent Use

  • Wear protection during continuous or high-level noise exposure.
  • Not limited to sudden loud noises but includes constant background noise.

Maintenance and Hygiene

  • Keep protective devices clean to avoid ear contamination.
  • Discard disposable plugs after use and replace worn parts on reusable devices.

Correct Usage

  • Ensure proper fit for effective noise cancellation.
  • Follow instructions provided by the manufacturer and employer.

Always prioritise your hearing health by using the appropriate protection in your workplace. Consult your employer for specific guidelines and equipment.